domain appraisal

What is a domain valuation?

At Ontop we are conscious about all the implications surrounding a successful online Marketing Strategy. For us, an Internet project may run around your website, while Social Media is responsible to drive huge amount of traffic to websites per second, the website is the one asset that processes payments, contact forms and all sort of CTA to drive the expected conversion rates.

So when it comes to a new project or a rebranding, considering a new domain name is highly recommended.

But what is the value of a domain name? please notice we are not talking about cost, which is the price any person/entity/organization has to pay in order to purchase a name for their website, we talk about value, so, will the new domain name really worth the Company’s investment?, well, Ontop provides expert Domain Appraisals that gives you the most accurate estimate available. Our exclusive algorithm & dedicated software combines machine learning with real-market sales data compiled and get accurate Domain value.

What is considered in a domain valuation?

  • Its age
  • TLD rating
  • Language and keywords
  • Monthly searches
  • Whois record
  • Average monthly searches of that domain name
  • Average CPC amount
  • Alexa and Google ranking
  • Latest sell price in case it has been resold
  • Similar domains average price
  • SSL status (security certificate)
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